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North Shore Acrobatics Academy

Welcome to North Shore Acrobatics Academy! Established in 2017, North Shore Acrobatics Academy is a small Gymnastics club based out of Lane Cove on Sydney's lower north shore. We specialise in both recreational and competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics and work hard to help your child reach their goals, whether that be to have fun being active and improving strength, coordination and flexibility or if they have their sights set on becoming the next State or National Champion.  

Whilst NSAA is a relatively new club, we have in fact been running for four years prior to this combined with a trampolining club however decided to break away in 2017 to focus solely on Acrobatic Gymnastics and thus become North Shore Acrobatics Academy. NSAA is fully accredited with both the New South Wales Gymnastics Association and Gymnastics Australia and are currently offering both recreational and competitive programs out of our Lane Cove facility.

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North Shore Acrobatics Academy offers fun and inclusive recreational and competitive classes in Acrobatic Gymnastics. As we are a small club, we pride ourselves on our ability to take an individualised approach for each child to ensure they progress at a pace that is suitable for them and allows them to find enjoyment in the process of learning. Our recreational classes have a focus on


flexibility, coordination, strength and building the correct foundations for long term success. We aim to keep our coach to student ratio low in order to maximise student learning. Our competition classes further build on this groundwork to prepare students to successfully compete in formal Acrobatic Gymnastics events in line with the Gymnastics Australia levels system. 

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